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Watch recordings of our webinars from the past 60 days.

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  • Improve your reporting with Xero’s new reports (NZ)

    Discover the benefits of Xero's new reports. Use one-click settings to quickly get the information you need. Learn how to customise reports to tailor them for your business and create your own management report packs to make better decisions

    • Duration 30m
    • Rating 4.0
  • Finalise your year-end payroll (AU)

    Complete your first year-end payroll in Xero. We’ll take you through how to prepare and check your payroll data and finalise Single Touch Payroll data with the ATO.

    • Duration 40m
    • Rating 4.5
    • Intermediate
  • Finalise the year end for your clients (AU)

    For Australian partners and advisors. Support your clients with financial year end tasks in Xero. Learn what to check before you start and how to prepare your data for their financial reports.

    • Duration 38m
    • Rating 5.0
    • Beginner
  • Set up client jobs in Xero Practice Manager (AU)

    Set up your jobs for the new year so you can understand their profitability and manage them efficiently. Get your current jobs and clients ready, or if you're new to Practice Manager, follow our best-practice steps to get started the...

    • Duration 40m
    • Rating 4.3
    • Beginner
  • Set up your small business in Xero - US

    Complete your setup correctly to get the most out of Xero from the start. Enter your organisation and financial settings, connect your bank account, customise your invoices and add users to your organisation.

    • Duration 45m
    • Rating 5.0
    • Beginner
  • Cash flow mastery: top tips to improve cash flow

    For small businesses. Hear our top tips to supercharge your cash flow. Get paid faster with online payments and other methods. Improve your invoicing, access finance more easily, and manage your costs more effectively with technology.

    • Duration 28m
    • Rating 5.0
    • Intermediate