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This lesson covers what you need to know to complete the second step to create your single client record, including how to make the right choices to accurately select the right clients.

We covered the first step in the previous lesson. If you haven't connected your Xero HQ and XPM accounts, return to the lesson Get started with the single client record to find out how. Then come back when you're ready to continue.

How to consolidate your client records

Watch the video to see how to create your single client record.

What you need to know before you start

To complete the second step you'll need to choose the client records from either Xero HQ or XPM with the most accurate client information, then link each to the relevant Xero organisation if one exists.

Tip: You need to have the Master administrator or Administrator role in Xero HQ, as well as view and edit privileges in XPM.

How to select the right clients

We’ve created a guide to help you select the right clients. Use the guide to follow the questions and determine which selection you should make.

There's three options to choose from:

  • All clients from Practice Manager & Tax (for Australia) - keeps the clients from XPM and archives clients in Xero HQ.
  • All clients from Xero HQ - keeps the clients from Xero HQ and archives clients in XPM.
  • Selection from Practice Manager & Tax (for Australia) and Xero HQ - this allows you to select a client from either Xero HQ or XPM, or clients from both Xero HQ and XPM.


  • Practices that actively use XPM (or Xero Tax in Australia) will need to keep all of the clients from XPM as a minimum. This is because there'll be jobs, invoice information and, for Australian and New Zealand practices, tax information and returns in the system that need to be kept.

  • Practices that have predominantly used Xero HQ and recently started using XPM with little or no client information to keep could just choose Xero HQ clients.

  • Practices that have client information in both Xero HQ and XPM that must be kept should choose a selection from both systems. This is relevant for:

    • Any practice that has actively used XPM and has client information in Xero HQ that is not in XPM. For example, an additional email address or phone number, as XPM only holds one of each.
    • UK practices that have added tax information or used personal tax through Xero HQ, and have used jobs or invoicing in XPM.

Once you've decided which option is the right choice for your practice, you're ready to create your single client record.

Things to note

  • Your progress is automatically saved so you don't need to complete the process in one go. Take your time and return to it as often as you need to.

  • We anticipate that it will take most practices between 15 minutes and one hour to complete. Those with more organisations and clients to select may need longer.

  • Only one user can use the consolidation tool at a time, but different users can contribute throughout the process. Each user should select the Close button to exit the tool properly.

  • Only one user can finalise the data, and this can't be undone, so we recommend deciding who's responsible for this task in advance.

What happens next?

Once your practice has the single client record:

  • Staff will have the same access to client information and Xero organisations as they did before. If staff had access to clients in XPM they'll also have access to the record in Xero HQ. This means they can add or edit information in XPM and see the information in Xero HQ and vice versa. Staff with the administrator role in Xero HQ will see all records, including those that were brought in from XPM.
  • The view of the client list in each system won’t change, but client data can be viewed and edited in both systems where matching information fields exist, for example the business structure.
  • You’ll be able to see the linked Xero organisation in the XPM client record so you can quickly navigate and access it from there if you have the right permissions.
  • You’ll only be able to merge clients from Xero HQ going forward.

If you have issues with your single client record, here are some tips :

  • If you choose ‘Selection of clients from Practice Manager & Tax (for Australia) and Xero HQ’, you’ll need to review your client list in Xero HQ for duplicates. You’ll be able to merge them from Xero HQ if there are any to combine.
  • If you missed any client records that you do need you have the option to restore archived clients.
  • If you missed linking any Xero organisations to a client record, you can do this in Xero HQ. Follow the steps in this Xero Central article.