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Manually typing documents into a spreadsheet or software is monotonous and time-consuming. Hubdoc, Xero’s data capture tool, helps automate bookkeeping tasks and free up time to focus on adding value to your clients.

In this video, we take a tour of Hubdoc and its features so that you can identify opportunities to reduce the time spent on inputting invoices and bills into Xero.

Reduce manual data entry with Hubdoc

Hubdoc automatically extracts data from documents and then creates the transactions in Xero for you.

Hubdoc improves the accuracy of financial data and saves you time by:

  • Reducing lost or damaged paperwork, so you don’t have to chase missing paperwork
  • Consistently allocating expenses so you don’t have to reanalyse transactions
  • Eliminating double-counted expenses with duplication detection, so you don’t have to correct overstated expenses

Next steps

Now you’ve seen how Hubdoc can automate data entry, complete the Hubdoc course to learn how to set up and use it so that you can reduce time spent on bookkeeping tasks.